Semispinalis Cervicis

Origin: Transverse processes of the upper six thoracic vertebrae and the articular processes of the fourth through seventh cervical vertebrae.

Insertion: The spinous processes of the second through the fifth cervical vertebrae.

Located: As the spinous process of the Axis vertebra bifurcates, it attaches to the semispinalis cervicis upon the inferior, lateral aspect (of the tips) of the spinous.  The semispinalis cervicis runs to the spinous process from an inferior to superior and a lateral to medial direction (much like the multifidus).

Listing Involvement: It is imperative for the semispinalis cervicis to complete and confirm your listing of any Axis spinous malposition.  Semispinalis cevicis is active upon spinous rotation to the opposite side.  Therefore it is working with the rectus capitis posterior major (ipsilaterally).

Working Sensation:  It is not necessary to speculate about this muscle’s working character as it avails itself readily to analysis.