Second Branch of the Levator

Origin: The posterior tubercles of the axis transverse processes.

Insertion: The medial border of the scapula near its superior angle.

Located: The second branch levator can be found below the transverse process of the axis, angling anterior toward its origin (the axis transverse process).  It is caudal and more ventrally placed to the first levator branch, though it may be in close relation.  The second branch is also underlying the sternocleidomastoid though it may be found dorsal to the posterior margin of the sternocleidomastoid (as the sternocleidomastoid descends, winding ventrally).

Listing Involvement: The second branch of the levator in an effort to correct axis rotation is working to splint the anteriorly rotated transverse process.

Working Sensation: The second branch is very similar in nature to the first branch levator when working; it too is palpated as a lithesome band or ribbon.