Muscle palpation is an art for use as an analytical tool within Chiropractic. It is a beneficial indicator by which to establish a criterion for the adjustment of vertebral subluxations.

Here I have attempted to capture a basis of ideas and description for a fundamental understanding from where the student may radiate. This collection of material may serve only to invest a "feeling" or primary understanding of muscle palpation and cannot credibly be used to substantiate a working knowledge for practical use. Only empirical training and "hands on" diligence can properly embody an operative and effective (most of all safe) knowledge for analysis.

Each framework is unique, each muscle is unique, each subluxation is unique and each palpation must be unique and with relative impression by the student doctor.

Build stability within your frame of reference to the patient; use your imagination to picture the following myology (and the sensation descriptions of the muscles), and then give that picture dimension with practice, practice, practice!!!