Know the muscles and you know the spine.

Advanced Muscle Palpation is a method of chiropractic spinal analysis that determines the direction of vertebral misalignment based on static palpation of the small paravertebral muscles.

      I have been using Advanced Muscle Palpation for about fifty years. I call mine "vertebraille", but it is virtually the same thing. For me, it is the only reliable indication of what the body wants to do with a subluxated vertebra.
                    - Reggie Gold, DC, Ph.C.
                    (Dr. Reggie Gold was the first to discover the principles and the practice of muscle palpation)
      "Nick Spano, D.C. has probably done the most work in documenting and teaching (AMP) in his seminars."
                    - Joseph Strauss, DC
                    (from "Reggie: Making the Message Simple")
      "Move over Motion Palpation..."
                    - Edward Hartey
       "Muscle palpation is the simplest, fastest and most reliable method...and immediately verifying reduction of subluxation...Dr. Spano does a fantastic job of teaching..."
                    - Don Patrick
       "This material is very important. It's like reading the's the only type of analysis that does that. It's given me confidence..."
                    - John Foley
       "This was the best technical seminar I have attended..."
                    - Ken Curtis
       "A masterpiece...par excellence...leaps palpation into the 21st century."
                    - Robert MacEwen
       "Thank you...I'm going to continue to use Advanced Muscle Palpation for the rest of my practice life. You have changed my practice and my life! It is the best and most reliable method I have ever learned on how to determine subluxation".
                    - Steve Superczynski
       "I have been implementing AMP with great results in my practice since you gave your seminar in Spain last year".
                    - Johan Nilsson
       "I cannot tell you how pleased I have been with the seminar. I came back to good old England, and I am quite convinced that my patients did not know what had happened. But the beauty of it all “”It works”.
                    - Morten Andersen
       "My confidence has skyrocketed..."
                    - Kevin Hay
       "I really appreciate all of your tremendous work. I can't imagine practicing chiropractic without it".
                    - Brian Mello
       "Great work!!!!! You are a pioneer..."
                    - Adam Wagner
       "I am checking and adjusting with confidence. That is a MIRACLE!!!! I actually for the first time feel like a chiropractor. I really can't convey what AMP has given me. I no longer feel like I'm floundering. Thank you"
                    - Mike Callis
       "I must tell you once again how much I love adjustments have been so much better!"
                    - Scott Dubrul
       "I want you to know that I did employ AMP on several patients today with very good response. "Everything seems to move so easily today."...if I continue to have that kind of feedback, I plan to use AMP exclusively in the future. I wasn't skeptical in the seminar, but I am honestly floored by what I was able to accomplish today."
                    - Mitch Reynolds

Download AMP Manual (2.3MB in Zip format)